Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wild Diner Films DVD release plan Dec '09 - May '10

Read all about it here.

Unlimited Dreamtime is one of the DVDs that I will make available w/ in the next 6 months - UD will be available in January '10. So, this movie is definitely not a full/real 2 Week Film Project - since, even though we shot it w/ in 2 weeks & edited (partially) w/ in that time period it was not available to view at the end of that time period - per rules set up for 2 Week projects. Regardless, I am glad I shot the movie w/ in the 2 Week Film Project guidelines; just like Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, UD will be a great time capsule (capturing an eventful 2 weeks out of my first year living in NYC) for the future (at least for myself & a few others). Looking forward to sharing the movie with the world, making the DVD available, in January 2010.

- Sujewa