Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unlimited Dreamtime stories are now a part of Brooklyn Fantastic

I shot a fiction feature called Brooklyn Fantastic in early 2009, & then, in Fall 2009, filmed two stories - real life stories - for a Two Week Film called Unlimited Dreamtime. The BF stories & the UD stories are complimentary, so, now all the stories will be used to complete BF. BF is being edited now, for an early 2o11 release.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wild Diner Films DVD release plan Dec '09 - May '10

Read all about it here.

Unlimited Dreamtime is one of the DVDs that I will make available w/ in the next 6 months - UD will be available in January '10. So, this movie is definitely not a full/real 2 Week Film Project - since, even though we shot it w/ in 2 weeks & edited (partially) w/ in that time period it was not available to view at the end of that time period - per rules set up for 2 Week projects. Regardless, I am glad I shot the movie w/ in the 2 Week Film Project guidelines; just like Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, UD will be a great time capsule (capturing an eventful 2 weeks out of my first year living in NYC) for the future (at least for myself & a few others). Looking forward to sharing the movie with the world, making the DVD available, in January 2010.

- Sujewa

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Check out The Screening blog

UD was known as The Screening at one point, & here's the blog - with some production photos from this project.

Coming this fall

Still got a couple of heavy weeks of day job work to get through before I can devote a significant amount of time to starting distribution on UD, but, at some point this fall, UD will be available to view on the web, & also to purchase on home made DVDs. Will post the news here as soon as I being distribution on this project.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

UD release update

Film should be up on the web before the end of this week. Been busy with prep & fundraising work for Brooklyn Fantastic completion, but will have time starting this Wed to do any fine tuning (color correction?) & upload the finished film.

- S

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Before this week is out, UD on the web

It might happen Saturday, it might happen on Friday (lots of work to do at the day job(s) this week - specially since I took a bunch of time off during the last couple of weeks for making UD, but towards the end of the week I'll get the flick up on the web) - stay tuned.